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Dancing Around the World: Completed!

Collaboration with Nejla Yatkin. “Dancing Around The World” is a worldwide 20 city tour to explore, intimately and broadly, the interaction of people, movement and the environment through dance. We are exploring what moves people in order to foster an understanding of how urban environments shape our expressive lives.

During this yearlong endeavor, we engaged, connected, and collaborated with citizens, visitors, centers, sites, and the environment. In this project Nejla and I explored the five themes of geography long discussed in social science literature as well as long realized by observers of societal processes. These include: 1) location, 2) place, 3) human environmental interaction, 4) movement, 5) regions; all viewed through the prisms of dance, video, and online tools.

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Pamela Atkinson
Foster Mickley
Scott Money
Capri and Jason Auch

Our Monitoring and Evaluation Plan can be found here.

See all our Video mini-movies below.

Vitruvian Solo, Worldwide ↓


Sydney, Australia ↓


Hualien ↓


Manila, Philippines ↓


Kochi, Japan ↓


Hyderabad, India ↓


Antananarivo, Madagascar ↓


Nairobi, Kenya ↓


Tunis, Tunisia ↓


Paris, France ↓


Bologna, Italy ↓


Istanbul, Turkey ↓


Berlin, Germany ↓


Pyhajarvi, Finland ↓


Tegucigalpa, Honduras ↓


San Salvador, El Salvador ↓


Santiago, Chile ↓


Lima, Peru ↓


Medellin, Colombia ↓


Bogota, Colombia ↓


International Dance Day 2015 ↓


Chicago, USA 2015 ↓



What Dreams May Come:

Collaboration with Nejla Yatkin

New York 2015 @ Baryshnikov Arts Center:, 2014 @WildProject:Under the Seas festival

Guadalarjara, Mexico 2014 @ MonitorDigital 2014

This is an evolving project in two parts. Part One- Is an interactive dance performance involving video projection mapping and sound. The second part is a 3 panel mapped projection surface that interacts with participants position in front of the projection installation.


Nejla Yatkin and I are very interested in Total Theater and multi-media and how to best incorporate nature, emotion, form, consciousness with the movement of the body. This project is an experiment incorporating real-time and prerecorded video, projection body mapping and an interactive sound installation that responds to the body on stage and to the audience to discover the effects and limitations of technology and human motion. We created a dance, sound & video installation that reacts to the body and is controlled through certain motion and spatial positioning. Soon body velocity and specific body part mannerisms will be triggers for interactivity. Sensor data was used to modulate video imagery creating real time interactive effects. (Special thanks to Liubo Borissov, Margarita Sierra, Ruben Rebolledo, Sandra, Augustine, and CAAV)

What Dreams May Come - Snippets ↓

What Dreams May Come - Trailer ↓



Here you can see what I've seen.

Invisible Instrument:

An instrument no one can see but all can play. Currently I'm creating the apparatus for someone else to be the instrument.

Participants enter a space and discover that they are making sounds. The goal is to have people realize they can make better music by playing with each other.


Augmented Reality looms in our future like Godzilla.

Double Jeopardy:

Co-developed with Foster

Take portraits of people just as an object is tossed to them.


Augmented Reality Corner

Take portraits of people. Make Gifs. Install on corners of the world for an Augmented Reality Corner dance. This is part of a future VR graffiti project.

Listening To the Sun:

Part of the Celestial harmonic series

In this experiment, the sun light is projected onto 4 walls. Light spectra provided by NASA in the 171, 304 Angstrom range. Using MaxMSP solar wind recordings will be conformed into the human auditory range [20-20kHz]. Participants will be invited to enter a room to see and hear what their offspring will take for granted. Follow up project will produce the sounds of the Heavens. Jupiter, Neptune,Saturn and Mars will play as a quartet. If it all sounds groovy we may hear a Nonet or Decet maybe just a Octet depending on International Astronomical Union (IAU).


Lose Control a interactive virtual Tornado.

In the near future participants will be able to guide a AR tornado as it interacts with other RTIAR elements. Bring Your Own Unicorn (BYOU) because you will need it and the fantasies that are projected on movie screens by billion dollar entertainment multinationals will be made by you and given life as easily as telling a story to a 5 year old. We will become the Production companies, the Artistic directors, the FX house. Our verbal doodling will live on after we have gone to sleep. Digital Children given life and let loose in a virtual world.

We are entering a present of Augmented Reality where what we engage with will respond to us and to other virtual realities. Gaming will not be limited to the context of a digital window sitting in a home or on a phone but surround us. We will be immersed in it. There will be Virtual layers of existence (VLOE) which we can choose to perceive. These virtual layers will have many of the qualities of modern existence. There will be Physics, Economies, Business, Commerce and Drama.


Foster Feedback Audio Visual Instrument.(Collaboration with Foster Mickley)

Using the Biobased analog transforming tissue known as Foster, brainwaves will be detected and transformed into digital input to provide feedback into Mr. Foster,

Foster, who is blessed with synesthesia, will view visual input and provide EEG output which will be used to further modulate sounds and visuals back into Foster, thus creating a feedback loop that he may well enjoy.