Artist Statement


A temporary thought experiment:

What if humans had the eyes of an eagle? How would our aesthetics change? Given the trend of science to enhance our biological framework how will changing our eyes change our interests, our aesthetics, our values, our minds, our view of our world and each other? This is a temporary experiment because "Now" is as temporary and contextual as "Art".

Enki's work is concerned with the passive acceptance of our perceptions and how those perceptions can be challenged, exploited and explored. In "Anatomy Series" he explores how western cultural aesthetics distort superficial appearance and challenges those distortions by providing views of the human body that an eagle or human with enhanced eyesight would see.

These pieces are monochromatic digital photographs of anatomical structures within and on the surface of various individuals. Each image reveals a range of physical characteristics that are not naturally apparent to the human eye yet do exist within each individual. With the benefit of technology, he demonstrates what an increase in our perceptions does to the scope of our self-perception.

In "Look Away" he created a piece that could only be perceived indirectly. Drawing attention to the fact that we perceive and use our eyes without intention, and that lack of intention can be exploited to perceive light only by not focusing on it. The piece was a floating 1 dimensional billboard that required the viewer to look away to see the displayed messages.