Installation Experiments


Persistance of Vison:

New York 2012

Balloons were used to hoist a LED strip that floated above the viewers spelling out text that could only been seen in the perifery of vision at Nuit Blanc New York 2012.

By having the information only be viewable when a viewer looked away the installation exploited an optical characteristic that is noticed when people see bright objects that move faster than they eye can track but are still perceptible. The purpose was to make people aware of the boundaries of their perceptions and that we humans do have perceptions that we are often oblivious to.

Exposure Lapse:

What happens as eyes adjust to a changing exposure over time.


Halloween Projection:

Collaboration with Chris Jordan and Sean McItyre

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy 2012 southern Manhattan was a dark and spooky place, especially on Halloween. During the New York City Halloween blackout we went around Manhattan projecting images onto darkened buildings. The purpose was to have fun and make the most of a darkened Manhattan. Which does not happen often. See it all here.

Reactive Projection :

Collaboration with AO Rosner, Ainsley, Matt Romain special thanks to Gravity Sleeps

Interactive video projection that responded to music and motion. See Video and Photos. See it all here and there & square..

Flint Swing:

Collaboration with Chris Jordan

Flint Public Art Project wanted to cultivate more community by creating art spaces in a reclaimed park. I assisted Chris Jordan in creating a 69 foot kinetic light swing for people to enjoy. We built a giant swing which cast light on to two concrete silos. Reflective wind responsive elipses were hung between the light source and the swing seat. Each elipse scattered light upon the silos createing an ethereal dance of light syncronized with the participant on the swing. See it all here.

Momentum @ MOD Fesival :

Collaboration with Chris Jordan

The city of Guadalajarain Mexico has a wonderful interactive art festival called MODFestival. We were asked to create an experience for the attendees and chose to reinterpret the swing installation by integrating it with position adaptive video projection.

See it all here.


The Light from Below:

Collaboration with Chris Jordan, Jamie Leo, Sean McIntyre. Installed on Governors Island, NY

New York 2014 @ Figment NY

Interactive light and sound installation organized by the brilliant Chris Jordan proposed an installation implemented in the Armory of Governors Island.

Monitor Digital Festival 2014 image

THE LIGHT FROM BELOW is a site-specific interactive light and sound environment in the cavernous Fort Jay munition magazines that addresses our collective culpability in fueling the military industrial complex.
The works present phases of a cannon’s ‘life-cycle’ – sale, manufacturing, deployment, firing, and consequence. Visitors interacting with elements are exposed to the corporeality of war and bloodshed.
In the profound disconnected from the act of killing in warfare through technology (drones), media spin, and a prevailing societal rhetoric of euphemisms for sanctioned murder, THE LIGHT FROM BELOW intends to reconnect the individual in a simple, meditative, interactive experience.
Interactive light and sound installation by Chris Jordan, Jamie Leo, Enki Andrews and Sean McIntyre. Part of the FIGMENT NYC Festvial, held June 7th and 8th, 2014. Installed in the Fort Jay Magazine on Governors Island. Special thanks to Andrea Lindstrom, Colin and Noah of the Parks dept. (and really the whole parks staff), Ester, all the support from FIGMENT, and the Trust for G.I.